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Conclave with a Purpose

Tampa Conclave 2024 - Social and Civic Engagement Plan

Voters Registration and Mobilization

  • Our VREM Motto is, “Show Up and Vote in ‘24” and our aim is to educate the community to know what is on the Ballot and to vote the entire Ballot, inclusive of all Amendments, Referendums, and Resolutions.

  • We will help prompt citizens to familiarize themselves with candidates and their policy positions by utilizing the website to review their local ballot.

  • Local chapters have partnered with the D9, League of Women Voters, NAACP, and other community groups and organizations to amplify our voting messaging.

  • Local chapters have partnered with churches and other faith-based groups for early voting (“Souls to the Polls”) activities and to assist with providing transportation.

Financial Empowerment

  • Research shows that Black households in the United States have a major wealth gap in comparison to non-Hispanic white households. To help address these inequities, improving financial literacy will be an integral part of our efforts in Tampa.

  • The men of Omega Psi Phi have planned a series of panel discussions focused on techniques and strategies to create financial security and build generational wealth.

  • The series will feature panel discussions led by our corporate sponsors (U.S. Bank, JP Morgan Chase, and eMONEco) and streamed online focused on:

          i. Financial literacy

         ii. Uncovering your money personality, and

        iii. Accessing home ownership

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Book Drive

We are collecting, and distributing locally, books on African American history and culture in order to protest censorship and revisionist history. Books:

  • Can be mailed to: OPPF Book Drive, c/o Walton Academy, 4817 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa Fl. 33603

  • Purchased online at 8400 OMEGA BOOK DRIVE | Tampa Conclave 2024

  • Brought with you to the Conclave and deposited in our repository in the Conclave Registration area.

  • We will distribute books throughout the greater Tampa metro area to children and organizations in our communities.

  • Each book collected will have an (OPPF) sticker inserted.

  • We will be utilizing each allotted time at the Convention Center to emphasize that OPPF is distributing books.

  • The team will pass out books at the Conclave.  (Public Opening; Community Forum;Youth Symposium; Silent March; IYLC, STEM, etc.)

  • We surpassed the original goal of 3000 books and are making a run at our stretch goal of 8400 books in recognition of the 84th International Grand Conclave with a Purpose.

Youth Symposium

  • The men of Omega Psi Phi will conduct a Youth Symposium to empower and equip young minds with tools to help navigate the challenges of today and build a better tomorrow.

  • The Youth Symposium will be open to the public for high school aged (9th -12th grade) boys and girls on June 28th at 1pET at the Tampa Convention Center. The theme of the two-hour symposium is, “Strategies for the Future: How do Youth Advocacy, Resiliency, and Diversity, create effective strategies for success in the 21st century?”.

  • The event will feature a panel moderated by Civil Rights Attorney and TV Personality Charles Coleman Jr., and include D.L. Hughley, Dr. Nate Hughes, Adetayo “Tayo”Adesanya, and Thaddeus Bullard.

University Student
Politician Shaking Hands

Community Forums

  • Omega Psi Phi has hosted five community forums in selected Florida cities to increase awareness and understanding of how policies and legislation impact citizen’s lives. The sixth will be in Tampa on June 27th.

  • Local chapters developed agendas that aligned with the pressing issues in their respective communities to educate residents about voting, civic engagement, and techniques to prevent political issues and ensure proposed policies serve their best interests.

  • These forums offer opportunities to interact with elected officials, policy experts, and local leaders for open discussions about ways to improve the community.

Silent March

  • The most visible of our activities in Tampa will be a ‘Silent March’ and rally at Curtis Hixon Park. The march will take place on the riverwalk adjacent to the Tampa convention center at 8aET on Friday, 6/28.

  • The ‘Silent March’ will be a solemn, deliberate affair designed to raise awareness of the sharp disapproval in the Black community surrounding:

          i. Removal of Black history from curricula and attempts to                    rewrite American history.

         ii. The laws banning DEI programs in any state funded  


        iii. Legislation and policies, both proposed and in effect, that

            inhibit the ability of citizens to cast a vote.

  • The rally at Curtis Hixon Park will provide an opportunity to vocalize the reason for the silent march and communicate the theme of the “Conclave with a Purpose”.

  • The best way to participate is to register on-line at the link below, so please share that with everyone. If someone can’t register on-line, no problem, we will have on-site registration, as mentioned, that will begin at 7am at the TCC (waterside)

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