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Conclave with a Purpose

Tampa Conclave 2024 - Social and Civic Engagement Plan

Voters Registration and Mobilization

▪    VREM efforts are ongoing leading up to the Conclave with the addition of monthly quantifiable data to the team.

▪    Mobilization captains being established; Voting Registration captains being established in the State of Florida.

▪    Church buses and rideshare efforts will be used to assist in mobilization efforts.

▪    Quantification process being evaluated.

▪    Partnering with D9 and other community organizations in Florida.

▪    Voter Education with community partners is also emphasized.

Financial Empowerment

▪    The focus will be on dollars being given back to the black community.  We have consistently said we will have a QRcode to scan purchases.

▪    The team will also be developing a mobile app to track purchases.  The team also believes this tracking should be started ASAP with the local chapter. Secondly,  the team feels as though we should be using the app to start all Districts tracking.

▪    Incentivize the Brotherhood to use the ‘black business’ app and reward them once they reach a certain input level.

Local Family Business

Book Drive

▪    The team will start receiving books January 1, 2024.

▪    There will be an area on the Conclave agenda where we will celebrate our efforts with banned books.

▪    Plans are underway for groundbreaking video in Tampa when/if we have small libraries set up and ready to go in several urban communities in Tampa.

▪    Each book collected will have an (OPPF) sticker inserted.

▪    We will be utilizing each allotted time at the Convention Center to pass out books and emphasize that OPPF is distributing banned books.

▪    The team will capitalize on all opportunities to pass out books at the Conclave.  (Public Opening; Community Forum; Youth Symposium; Silent March; IYLC)

▪    The current goal is 3000 books.  It has been suggested to increase to a goal of 8400 (for 84th Grand Conclave) book drive goal.

Youth Symposium

▪    There was a huge emphasis put on getting a named celebrity for our youth. Our goal is to retain an older celebrity and a younger relatable celebrity.

▪    This is a panel-based symposium to energize the next generation of leaders.

University Student
Politician Shaking Hands

Community Forums

▪    Local chapter to host community forums and we (social action team) will support them.

▪    Secondly, we will be looking for community events throughout the state to partner with versus re-inventing the wheel.

▪    Ques on the Hill in Tallahassee is already scheduled (January) and should be supported as one of our forums.

Silent March

▪    The Silent March will take place on the Riverwalk adjacent to the Convention Center.

▪    We will make sure we have water stations and rest stops.  The walk will be half a mile or less.

▪    The walk will end with some activities (TBD) for kids as we pivot to the Youth Symposium.

▪    All Conclave registrants will receive a t-shirt (‘I am Black History’) for Silent March.

Negro Silent Protest March.png
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